You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

Zig Ziglar
I just wanted to share some experiences that I've had with the Walmart approval team. They have started my Walmart marketplace store about a month ago and immediately we had thousands of items in inventory and hundreds of sales. It was pretty remarkable how quickly the orders would come in. I would just login to my sellers account and hit refresh and just see the numbers going up and up. I really didn't know what to expect when we first started, but I was quickly blown away by the amount of sales that we had. Just the amount of volume that was going through my store was amazing. If you are on the fence of thinking about doing this I would highly recommend it. It is a great source of side income and can definitely give you some freedom and time to be with your family.
I signed up with Walmart approval few months ago and within about a month I already made my initial investment back. So far I am still making around 35% return on investment which is pretty amazing considering that I don't really do anything, I just fund the orders. I am really satisfied because the Walmart approval team just always responds to my texts and my emails in a short period of time. I totally recommend you trying their services.
Tony Adams
I have been following the Walmart approval team for quite some time now and I finally contacted them and asked if there is some opportunity for me to which they said yes. So, once we had everything set up, they took the store from $0 to $40,000 within a month. I've never seen that type of growth in any marketplace. Working with the Walmart approval team is my best decision ever.
Richard Hodge
This is the easiest business that I've have ever done. Basically, the Walmart approval team know what they are doing. They just get the job done. I am so glad that I've become a part of this opportunity. Basically, they do all the work and I just reap the benefits. I would encourage anyone that has a decent credit to make your store up and running to try it. I am very grateful for this opportunity.
Joelle Reign
I have been a part of the Walmart approval team for a year now and they have been managing my Walmart store. I can tell you man, they take care of business. They will get your store up and running really fast and they will start making you that money that you are looking for. That's for sure. I totally recommend them.
Kate Lazaro
I am a client and I just want to say that I am excited to work with this team. I have been a client of the Walmart approval for over a year now. The team is amazing and very punctual. They work everyday and it's kinda nerve wrecking that they are always around, but its awesome that the client is in the first place for them. The orders are being done, everything has been managed. I tend to worry a lot and I have been chatting with the team at least once a day and they have responded each time. When I was first getting started, I didn't know what I was doing. It was something new for me and I wanted to try it. Someone recommended me to try this and now I am recommending their service to everyone I know.
George Holland