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    Why you should sell on Walmart?

    Walmart Inc revenue for 2021 was 559.2 billion USD. If that is not a reason enough, here are some more.

    There are no monthly fees that you need to pay in order to sell on Walmart.

    Amazon has over 10 million sellers whereas Walmart only has 50,000.

    The Walmart Marketplace is a great place to get brand exposure. The Walmart website has over 300 monthly visitors.

    With over 300 millions of monthly visitors, you will be able to reach more leads and sell more products.

    Walmart is a respected company. Having your company associated with Walmart will only bring trust and authority to your company.

    Selling on Walmart will only make you more money.

    The checkout process of the Walmart website is very easy and everyone can find their way around it.

    You will only pay commissions once you sell a product. This is something that only Walmart Inc provides.

    The Walmart website has a unique analytics tools that gives you a clean overview of how much money you’ve earned on daily, monthly, and yearly basis.

    What Our Clients Have to Say

    Big shout out to Walmart Approval! Now I can sell on Walmart. Thanks a lot!
    Jonathan Hodge
    From Chicago, USA
    I know its just the beginning but now that I have my Walmart Seller Account I look forward to building my business over the next couple of years.
    Becca Roberts
    From New York, USA
    The Walmart Approval team promised to guide me through the Walmart Approval Process and they delivered. This is a dream come through.
    John Lebowski
    From Washington DC, USA
    The team helped me to be approved to sell on Walmart. I couldn't be happier. Now I am addicted to the business model. Hitting 6 figures is the next goal.
    Mike Nagato
    From New Jersey, USA

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